Introduction - History of household registration

Ever since the Japanese colonial period in 1906, the household registration system has been playing a key role as a commonly applied basis of implementation of other policies in Taiwan. On Oct. 01, 1997, when overall computerization of the household registration system, and re-construction of offices of household registration authority in all municipal and county(city) governments have been completed, a place combined with convenience and necessary functions has been ready for the public to deal with relevant affairs. At present, the household registration competent authorities passed ISO certification by its compliance with standard of procedures, overall advance of service quality, innovative and convenient services and image, and therefore obtained affirmation and confidence from the public.
  1. Household registration administration
  2. Nationality administration
  3. Household survey
  4. Population policy
  5. Household registration affairs
  6. Personnel training of household registration administration
Figure - Dept. of Household Registration
History of Household Registration Services

Japanese colonial period

Taiwan's household registration system was established in 1906 and during Japanese colonial period, in which two major classes referred to local residents and temporary residents. The household survey book, as well as the main and supplemental book, was also applied commonly. While the household survey was responsible by police, the household registration was carried out by clerks of local Baojia authorities.

Taiwan's restoration

The Household Registration Act was enacted as of Dec. 12, 1931. In 1946, the Enforcement Rules of the Household Registration Act was in effect in Taiwan, and registration was responsible by the civil administration authority.

1969 - 1973

In 1969, to comply with policies on social security, the integration of household registration and police affairs was implemented as a trial. Soon in 1973, the household registration was under supervision of the police authority.


On Jul. 01, 1992, with the enforcement of "the division of household registration and police affairs," the household registration business was taken over by the civil administration authority.

1985 - 1992

Computerization of household registration was started as a trial.

1993 - 1997

Computerization and its promotion were completed in three separate stages.

1997 – present

Computerized household registration data was online nationwide since Oct. 01, 1997.