High-Level Professional

  1. Related Laws and Regulations:

    1. Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 4, Article 9 of the Nationality Act:

      Foreign nationals may be exempted from submitting a certificate of loss of original nationality if they are high-level professionals in the technological, economic, educational, cultural, art, sports, or other domains who have been recommended by the central competent authority, whose specialties are deemed to serve the interests of the ROC, and who have been approved through a joint review organized by the Ministry of the Interior and conducted by relevant agencies and impartial individuals.

    2. Standards for Defining High-Level Professionals for Naturalization.
  2. Flowchart for Naturalization for High-Level Professionals:

  3. Central ministries (meetings) accept the window of senior professionals recommending naturalized nationality: ODS File

  4. Information Table of Recommendation for Naturalization: PDF File

  5. Recommendation for Naturalization for High-Level Professionals: PDF File

  6. The requirements for naturalization, please visit the link: https://www.ris.gov.tw/app/en/2122 (List for the Application for Nationality Alteration)

  7. Security Check Agreement: PDF File