Introduction──Unit Duties Introduction──Unit Duties

icon I.  Population Registry Section
icon II.  Nationality Affairs Section
icon III. Household Survey Section
icon IV. Population Policy Section
icon V. Population Information Management Section
icon VI. Personnel Training Section


Popution Registry Section

1. Organizing household registration authorities.
2. Birth, death, acknowledgement, adoption/adoption termination, guardianship, marriage, divorce registration, interpretation of confusing cases.
3. Correction of name and supplement of documents of parents, foster parents, spouse, on relationships between parents and children, adoption or marriage.
4. Registration of movement.
5. Initial household registration.
6. Reduplicated household registration
7. Identification certificate, household registration booklet (not including printing service of blank certificate).
8. Seal affairs History of household registration
9. Household certificate transcript affairs
10. Offering of household registration doc.
11. Permit fees
12. Fine
13. Statistics on household registration
14. Use and change of individual’s name
15. Personal status and name of indigenous people.
16. Coordination between household registration authorities and police.
17. Support to election, military affairs.